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GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is one of the most used apps for communication and sharing media. And this app has secured millions of active users. There are many reasons behind its popularity, but one main reason is its endless traits in accordance with the user’s taste. Let’s have a look at them.

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We all know that the 20th century is very loud and fast, and most people use shortcuts to achieve their goals. And the time when the world has been converted into a global village, all the people are connected by using various sources for communication. These sources mean a lot to our lives because they allow us to share feelings and memories and connect with anyone anywhere instantly. 

To perform all these tasks, we recommend a platform that can fulfill our needs. Keeping this in mind, a very well-known communication app WhatsApp was developed. This app facilitated its users in many ways like chatting, fast and secure calling, and sharing of media. Besides these, this app has many lackings and limitations that need to meet the requirements of the present time. 
That’s why a loud media group called GB Group developed a clone of present WhatsApp called GB Whatsapp. This version of WhatsApp performs the same task but in a modified form.

Regarding The App

Now many apps related to GB WhatsApp are on the internet. But GBWhtasApp is the very first app that was launched as a clone of the original WhatsApp. The app was developed by Atnfas Hoak and was released in 2009. From that time to now GBwhatsApp has secured millions of users, and their number is increasing on a daily basis. Its popularity is because this app offers many advanced features that are not available in the original version. Gb Whatsapp is not connected with the original version because it is the modified version, but still, it is liked by many users. In Gbwhastapp, you can enjoy many advanced features like unlimited themes, colour, fonts, hiding options, privacy policy, and many more.

Different people have different tastes, so everyone wants to have their personal things and apps according to their choice. Due to this, our website also offers various WhatsApp apps related to GB WhatsApp, like WhatsApp Plus, FM WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, and many more. These all apps are modified versions of the original WhatsApp with differentiating attributes. The users can easily download all these apps from our website.

Stunning Properties

GB WhatsApp is one of the most used apps for communication and sharing media. And this app has secured millions of active users. There are many reasons behind its popularity, but one main reason is its endless traits in accordance with the user’s taste. Let’s have a look at them.

Using GBWhatsapp, users can enjoy many modified privacy options to make their accounts and lives more secure. This app facilitates its users to modify and customize each chat. The users can set locks and change privacy settings for each chat separately. The users can hide ticks, type, record, view status, and anti-delete messages in every chat. This feature helps them bring variation to their WhatsApp.

One of the most critical features of GBwhatsapp is that it allows you to keep a secret that you have read someone’s message and viewed their status. The people want to do this because of their security concerns, that sometimes they might be busy and do not have time to reply instantly. That’s why they hide their blue ticks and status seen so that their relations run smoothly.

Themes are such a component that can make your app look beautiful and attractive. If the basic theme is beautiful, it will attract more users. That’s why GB Group has facilitated its users with a wide variety of themes which they can get from their WhatsApp theme store. The users can select and apply any theme they want. Moreover, they also have a choice to add pictures on their WhatsApp display.

This feature ultimately differentiates GBWhatsApp from the original WhatsApp. Because this version of WhatsApp gives separate rooms for your chats, groups, calls, and statuses so that you can easily differentiate between chats and groups. Besides this, the users can also convert chats and groups in the same tab.

In everyone’s life, there is something that they want to keep private from everyone. The same is the case with our WhatsApp chats and groups. There are some chats that we want to keep a secret from other people, which means hiding them. So in the original WhatsApp, the users can only archive their special chats, which are still visible on the main page. But GBWhatsApp allows you to keep your private chats in a secret room that no one can access except you. These chats are present by clicking the left corner of the main screen and secured by fingerprint or passwords.

The home screen is the very first page that appears on your WhatsApp. If this page looks beautiful, you will be interested in managing the rest of your WhatsApp account. That’s why GB WhatsApp facilitates its users to customise their WhatsApp screen how they want. Moreover, users can add various themes and images instead of solid colours. Besides the home screen, the users also have the chance to update every chat screen. The users can change the colour of text, tabs, and icons, bringing variation in outlook, fonts, layout, and many more.

This feature is the most demanding aspect of GB WhatsApp. Because by using this feature, if someone sends you a message and immediately deletes it, the message will not be deleted for you. And you can quickly get to know the message that was preferred to be hidden from you. Moreover, this is also concerned with your security and privacy. That’s why GBWhatsapp secures everything that matters to you.

Many people are concerned about their data because there is something they do not want to lose. Similarly, WhatsApp has chats and media files that we always want to keep. That’s why GB WhatsApp is offering its users the ability to restore all their data quickly; even if you are changing your phone, you can still recover your previous data by creating a backup.

Basic Attributes

Including these stunning properties, GBWhatsApp has secured many more unique characteristics that have covered millions of user’s tastes

GB WhatsApp is an app that is being used all over the world. Due to this reason, different people speak different languages from different eras. And those who have friends across the globe might need help communicating. In order to overcome this problem, GBWhatsApp has enabled a language translation feature that helps you instantly translate one language into another.

Like every other section, GBWhatsapp has provided many variations and choices for the status bar. The users are allowed to change the look, colours, and layout of their status section. Moreover, the sharing limit is also increased for GB users. And you can also save and directly share the status of someone else.

Multiple accounts are such a feature that is liked y almost everyone, especially by those related to business dealings. People like multiple accounts to carry out their work and also to have fun to enjoy themselves with friends. That’s why GB WhatsApp gives you a chance to keep multiple accounts within the same device.

In some cases, we are in such a hurry that we want to avoid saving the number and want to message it directly. In spite of this, due to privacy, we also do not prefer to save any number. Regarding this GBWhatsapp has given a feature by which the users can directly message a number even if it is not saved in their phone.

Updates are such parts that help users learn about what is new regarding the app they are using. That’s why GB WhatsApp itself provides its users with regular updates so that everyone can enjoy the latest version with all advanced features.

GBWhatsApp is the clone of the original WhatsApp and is available with many advanced features. That’s it is thought that this app is banned, and their phone may not work for any other WhatsApp account. But the fact is that GB WhatsApp is not banned, and all users can use this app freely without any worries.

One of the most remarkable attributes is that using this type of WhatsApp allows users to share large files quickly. This feature is appreciated because simple WhatsApp users cannot enjoy this property.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps that contains new features. GBWhtasapp has also facilitated its users they can put their statues in the form of stories like Instagram if they want to because many people like this feature of Instagram. And now GB users can also avail this opportunity.

GB WhatsApp has modified each and every aspect of the original WhatsApp. So when it is the case of the launcher icon then it is also available as a great choice. This means that, unlike the original version, here users are free to select any type and colour of launcher icon for their WhatsApp so that their WhatsApp may look beautiful and unique.

Also Featuring with

Enhanced DND Mode
Auto-reply and schedule a message
Set passwords and locks for every chat
Beautiful online toast and dot
Develop and share your own theme
Leave a group secretly
Set different wallpapers on every screen
Freeze when was last seen and vanished online
Get details of your sent message
Set a message timer
Many stickers and emojis
Revoke multiple messages
Many specified effects
Change fonts and chat styles

Why Do People Prefer using GBWhatsApp?

There are many reasons why people prefer to use GB WhatsApp. Because the GB Group has facilitated its users with many advances and endless features that are not available in the original version. The GBWhatsapp users can enjoy enhanced features for privacy, changing colours, themes, layout, and even the whole display. Besides this, the app has facilitated its users with many thrilling features that they can manage and control their whole WhatsApp as they want to. The users are easily pinned with massive customization at every point. These are some reasons why millions of people are using GB WhatsApp.

Due to security and privacy issues, GB Whatsapp is unavailable on the google play store. One reason is that it is a clone of the original WhatsApp. Due to these reasons, people think that GB WhatsApp is not legal. But the answer is that GB Whatsapp is entirely legal and not banned. And where safety and security is concerned, there might be some issue. This is because third parties develop this type of WhatsApp, and many people can access it. That’s why there may be a risk of data leaking or transferring. Besides this, yet there isn’t any case that can claim data leakage. Moreover, this app is completely safe from viruses and malware, but people will fear data transfer and misusage until it becomes certified by the play store.

Difference GB WhatsApp And Orignal Whatsapp

FeaturesGB WhatsAppWhatsApp
Do Not Disturb Mode
Calls Disable
Icon Change
Security Lock
Custom Font
Online Status
Multiple Message
Auto Message
Status Length255139
Forwarding LimitNo Limits5 Chats
File Sending Limit999.9 MB100MB Only

Proper Installation Method

Those who are newbies do not know how to download and install GBWhatsApp, but don’t worry, here are proper guidelines for you to download and install this WhatsApp on your device.

Open our website and click on the download button
After clicking, permit to download the file to your device
When downloading is completed, click install to launch the application on your mobile phone.
Then create an account and start enjoying its endless features.
If you still have any problems, you can tell us in the comment box below.

Info About GB Whatsapp Apk And Installation Instructions

App NameGB WhatsApp
VersionLatest (Updated)
Size64 MB
DeveloperFouad Mods
RequiresAndriod 5.0 and Higher
Total Downloads500,000,000000
Latest Version Update1 Minute Ago

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What is GBWhats app APK?

It is an app of WhatsApp with extra features. You can customize themes, send more than 20 photos at once, view deleted status updates, etc.

Is GBWhatsapp APK safe?

I have been using this App for months for my business purposes and never faced problems in the use of this App. I hope you will also enjoy the feature’s safety.

Is GBWhatsapp is 100% safe?

Unfortunately, GB WhatsApp is not used for safety. It does not ensure or guarantee the safety of your information. The users of the App are banned by WhatsApp. there are many groups and people that can provide you with GBWhatsapp APK.

Is GB WhatsApp better than WhatsApp?

Hi, see Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp are almost the same but the difference is that GB Whatsapp has more features like changing themes, you can hide your chat like Hike, changing the font, and you have many more features. I use GBWhatsapp so I would say GBWhatsapp is better than normal whatsapp.

Closing Of The Article

From the above discussion, GBWhatsApp is better than the original version in many ways. This WhatsApp allows you to set your privacy policy, anti-delete messages, many themes, fonts, increased sharing limit, language, translation, etc. But the critical point is that safety and security are not guaranteed because it is a third-party app. This threat will remain until the app is not certified by the play store. Despite this, millions of people love and use this app.