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FM WhatsApp

Nowadays, most of our work is done online, and we all need any platform to help us do this job easily and quickly. So, in this era of information and technology, many communication applications have been formulated.

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Nowadays, most of our work is done online, and we all need any platform to help us do this job easily and quickly. So, in this era of information and technology, many communication applications have been formulated. There are many messaging apps and other social apps like a telegram. But the most used loved, and reliable is WhatsApp. This is because WhatsApp is convenient and has many features, and it also allows us to chat and call with anyone in a highly secure way. But it is in our nature that we have always wanted something extreme and endless as the original WhatsApp has some limitations; that’s why some IT experts formulated many excellent modified versions that can provide you with everything you want. One of them is FM Whatsapp, this type of WhatsApp is the modified form of the original WhatsApp that contains all the previous plus extra features. FMWhatsApp is known for its unique display and outlook.

App’s Motive

Every developer wishes to develop an application that can hit all users’ hearts and facilitate their needs. When the original WhatsApp was launched, it was loved by billions of users, but then many people found a lot of lackings in them. That’s why they developed the moded forms; FMWhatsapp is the 2nd most downloaded modified version after GB Whatsapp. This is because it contains many unique properties that are different from other modified versions. The only purpose of this app is to give its users everything they have ever wanted in the original version. Here you can enjoy like;

  • Huge customization
  • Many themes and display
  • Anti-delete feature
  • Send large files
  • Change the colour of anything you want 

Besides these, there are many other features that you can find in detail in this article.

Thrilling Aspects

  1. Enable Always Online 

One of the most exciting features is that you can always enable online, which means even if you are not using your WhatsApp, others will view your present status online. This is because of the advanced features of FMWhatsApp, and this feature is not available on the original version. With this feature, you can confuse and trap your friends and other people.

  1. Amazing Voice Changer

Many people love to have fun and enjoy themselves with their friends in many ways. One of them is to talk to them by changing your voice tone. This feature was available for phone calls very early, but now you can enjoy this fantastic feature with FM Whatsapp. This feature allows you to change your voice in different notes and accents from male to female. So get the app and enjoy these fantastic attributes.

3. Schedule your messages with Auto-reply.

Sometimes people are extremely busy in their lives; some are engaged with their businesses, and some have other types of work. Due to this, they may have difficulty replying and instantly communicating with others. To overcome this problem, FM Whatsapp has facilitated its users by offering them to schedule their important messages and set auto-replies to help them solve their worries.

4. Anti-Delete Message System

Those who use the original WhatsApp may need to become more familiar with the anti-delete system. Because if anyone deletes the sent message, they cannot see it again, which may lead to stress and worries. But the FMWhatsapp users very well know what this means. All modified WhatsApp has enabled an anti-delete message and status for everyone where the deleted message will not be deleted for them because WhatsApp saves every information for later use.

5. Complete Customize your Privacy

Another stunning feature of this application is that you will have complete control to customize your privacy. You can lock the whole WhatsApp and every chat. Moreover, there are other features that will help you lock your privacy. You can enable or disable the last seen, freeze it, and even vanish it permanently. Moreover, you select what sort of ticks other users will see from your side, like blue ticks, double ticks, and blue ticks, after you reply.

6. Lock and Hide Every Single Chat

Millions of people love this feature of FM Whatsapp because it allows you to put your WhatsApp at ultra-high security by securing all the chats. The users are allowed to lock any chat or group they want to keep private and unlock it when they want to. Moreover, there is also a hiding option, meaning you can hide any chat that will not be visible to anyone. Moreover, you can also set a solid password or fingerprint lock to open it.

7. Ring and a Toast for Online contacts

In original WhatsApp, users must continuously open any chat to check their online status. Doing this, again and again, may irritate you and also wastes your time. But FMWhastapp has done it easy for you. Now you do not have to open any chat because the online status of any contact will be visible on your WhatsApp screen in the form of a toast, and a green dot will appear on the chat. Moreover, you can also set a ringtone that when anyone comes online, your WhatsApp will ring for you, and you will know it quickly.

8. Backup and Restore

As this, the clone WhatsApp is banned from the google play store, that’s why people consider that they cannot set a backup to restore their chats. But now, they will be amazed to know that they can restore their chats by setting up a backup even if they change their phone.

9. Directly Message a Number

In original WhatsApp, you can only message the person if you have saved their number. But always we are not in case to do it. That’s why FM Whatsapp has also solved this problem for you now, the users do not have to save the number, but they can directly message them, and later on, they can save it if they want to.

10. Anti-ban 

Another fantastic aspect of this app is that despite being unavailable on the google play store, this app is still not banned. And the reason is that though it is a clone, it performs the same work as the original WhatsApp does more pleasingly. That’s all users from across the globe can enjoy this app without any worries.

Download FM WhatsApp APK November 2023

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When downloading is completed, click install to launch the application on your mobile phone.
Then create an account and start enjoying its endless features.
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Is FM WhatsApp Legal and Secure?

As we all know, FMWhatsApp is the modified form of the primary WhatsApp, and it was developed y third parties, that’s why it is not available on the play store. Due to this reason, it might need to be more secure, and your data may be transferred or leaked. But, despite this, the app is not illegal and is not banned. This means all the users can download and use this latest version on their stake.