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Whatsapp Plus

Due to advancements in technology and media, we need a platform and source that can provide us with fast and secure methods for communication and interaction all across the globe. To carry out this process, some IT experts developed a worldwide source for communication and sharing of media with your friends and family at a meager cost. That app was called Whatsapp. But with technological advancement, many people need help with the original WhatsApp version. That’s why they formulated a modified version of the original WhatsApp containing all the features of the app named WhatsApp Plus. This version of WhatsApp performs the same task as the original Whatsapp does. But the special thing about this app is its many advanced features and customization, attracting millions of users. By using this latest version of WhatsApp, you can perform all the tasks not supported by the original WhatsApp version.

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Properties of WhatsApp Plus

The people who are using WhatsApp plus and are familiar with the original version of WhatsApp may not find a hell of a difference in the structure of WhatsApp as mentioned above groups. Then the question arises why WhatsApp plus use? The answer to this question is that this version of WhatsApp offers many advanced and exclusive features not supported by the original WhatsApp version. WhatsApp plus was developed by Rafalete, a Spanish Developer, and the app was launched in 2012. Within its release, it got millions of users in no time. This is why Whatsapp plus users can enjoy customization, changing themes, visual appearance, and more. You can learn about all its features by using this WhatsApp, or you can also read and understand them from our website. Including all these advanced features, there are also some rumors and minus points about the app. Like;

  • Whatsapp Plus is not safe to use
  • It is illegal
  • It is banned in many countries 

But the authorities claim that WhatsApp plus is entirely safe and secure, and its legality is still unclear.

Characteristics of WhatsApp Plus

Considering its advanced features and properties, we pointed out the main characteristics of WhatsApp plus that differentiate it from the original version. Those properties are listed below;

  • Apply Theme as you Want To

It is evident that simple WhatsApp offers only a single theme in light mode and Dark mode. And the user is bound around them, due to which they may get bored. But WhatsApp Plus offers more than 700 themes to its users that they can change at any time. Moreover, the themes are also available with easy customization, which means you can even change the color and layout of the Theme. This feature has allowed its users to experience a new WhatsApp daily.

  • Anti-Delete messages and status

Sometimes we get irritated when someone sends a message and delete it immediately even though we haven’t read it. This may cause problems with your privacy. So keeping this thing in mind, Whatsapp plus has proposed a solution to your problem. In WhatsApp plus, if someone deletes a message after deleting it, it won’t be deleted because your WhatsApp secures it for you.

  • Hide Your Chats and Groups

Privacy and security is the fundamental point of your life. And there are certain things that we do not want to share with anyone else. That can be our private chats and groups; that’s why Whatsapp Plus offers you a chance to secure your chats and groups from anyone you want. Also, your conversations are secured so that no one can access you.

  • Special DND Mode

The DND mode is one of the best features of WhatsApp plus. You can enable DND mode if you are irritated by the continuous WhatsApp messages and notifications. This feature will help you power off the network only for your WhatsApp plus; meanwhile, your other internet apps and connection can run smoothly.

  • Allows Multiple Accounts

Many people are busy with different sorts of business and work. To carry out all the functions equally, they need more than one communication account to handle all their business accurately. The original WhatsApp only allows you to run a maximum of 2 WhatsApp accounts on a device. But by using WhatsApp plus, users can run about 4 WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. This feature is highly recommendable and adorable.

  • Freeze Last seen and Online.

Some users are not easily, and everyone can access their activity over WhatsApp, so they want to keep the information private when they are online and check WhatsApp for the last time. To carry out this function, WhatsApp plus users have the plus point of freezing their last seen or permanently turning off their online mode. This means that even if they are online, no one can know about them. This feature helps you to secure your privacy and put you at ease.

  • Auto-reply and Message Scheduling

In this fast era, everyone is busy with work and business and needs more time to respond to important messages on time. This may create a problem in their personal relations. But WhatsApp Plus has solved this problem for you; within this WhatsApp, you can schedule your message anytime. Moreover, the users can also set auto-reply for every chat. This feature saves you time and also keeps your work smooth.

  • Save And directly share status.

Status is the most crucial part of any WhatsApp because this feature helps you share your daily memories with friends and family. Besides this, you also want to add the other users’ statuses to yours instantly. So by using WhatsApp Plus, users can easily save anyone’s status and directly put it on its status. This feature helps you to save time and your phone storage.

Also Featuring

Besides these exclusive features, WhatsApp Plus offers many other features that will take much time to explain adequately. That’s why for user ease, we have listed those features shortly;

  • Allows you to secure your chats and groups
  • Customize every chat screen differently
  • Separate chats, groups, and calls
  • Wide range of styles and fonts
  • Backup and restore
  • Check message history
  • Allows you to send large files and media
  • Manage and block calls
  • Online toast and tab
  • Change the WhatsApp launcher icon and notification style
  • Directly message a number 
  • Many stickers and emojis

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

NameWhatsapp Plus APK
Android Requires5.0+
Size52.4 MB
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 day ago

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Is WhatsApp Plus legal and safe to use?

Many people say that WhatsApp plus is legal and safe to use, but some fundamental changes have recently been made. At the start, Whatsapp plus was more available at the play store than the original WhatsApp company put a claim, and WhatsApp plus was removed from the play store. But the authorities haven’t banned it appropriately because this version is still available on google. Moreover, whether WhatsApp is legal or illegal is not yet cleared.

And the other question arises WhatsApp plus safe to use? The answer to this question is that some users have claimed that this type of WhatsApp is not secure and your chats may be leaked or available to any third party. But besides all these things, there are only so many proper notifications from the WhatsApp plus group that users’ chats can be leaked. But the users need to be careful about using this modified WhatsApp version to keep their chats safe and secure.