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Yo WhatsApp

This is because all people demand something that has a vast diversity and which can provide them great pleasure and lust. Keeping this in mind, the developers formulated YO WhatsApp with attractive characteristics, and over time, they also presented new updates as per requirements. So today, we will discuss the latest and modified features recently published by the YO Whatsapp developer. By staying engaged with our article, you will be able to find out all the updates so that you can easily use and know the hidden features of your WhatsApp.

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Purpose of the App

YO Whatsapp-type applications are not available on the google play store. This is because these applications are not certified by the original company but developed by any third parties, so there remains a threat of data loss and misuse. But such situations are scarce, and these applications offer endless features unavailable in the original version. This is the reason why millions of people are using these applications. YOWhatsApp is one of them; this is a famous and fast communication platform that came into being on April 1, 2014. Or Arbel developed the App. Despite many restrictions, this App is loved by many users. This App’s sole purpose is to provide its users with endless features and characteristics. You can also enjoy the endless features of this App by downloading it from our website.

Stunning Characteristics 

  1. Huge Language Variation

If you want to communicate with someone, some requirements must be fulfilled. You both should have a source of transferring your feelings and must know one another’s language. But if the language of one person is different from yours, how will you understand him? YOWhatsApp has facilitated its users by providing them with an option of language translation by which you can easily translate any language into your desired one. 

  1. Make Your WhatsApp Attractive and Colourful

We all have nature in built; we always like such things with multiple colours. The same is the case with our most used App, Whatsapp. If our front page of WhatsApp is not beautiful, then we may have little interest in it. So YOWhatsApp has offered you a chance to customize and change the colours of your WhatsApp screen, icons, and names as you want to.

  1. Block Unknown Calls and Notifications

Calling your friends and family is a good thing that helps you to stay tuned for them. But when you become a part of any social circle, you also have to face many bugs and unknown users who may disturb you by calling or texting. That’s why in YO WhatsApp, you can block any unknown or known call until you want. This feature helps you to protect your privacy and also helps to lessen your stress.

  1. Biometric Lock For Hidden Chats

We all have a private life that we do not want to share with anyone else, which is meant to be kept secure. But in the original WhatsApp, you do not have a choice to hide your chat. But YOWhatsApp is facilitating you with this option, so you can easily hide any of the chat you want. And the best thing is that you have many options to lock your chat by putting in a password or your fingerprint lock, which is more secure.

  1. Status and DP Saver

The original WhatsApp users must download an extra status saver for their preferred status. But if you are using the updated version of YO Whatsapp, then you will have a facility of an automatic status downloader by which you can easily save and share any status you want to. Many people love this feature because it helps them to save time and storage. Similarly, you can save the DP you like from your contacts.

  1. Thrilling Variety of themes

Themes are the most crucial part of any app because they let you change your App’s outfit to experience a new design daily. But in real WhatsApp, you can only change the light, and dark modes, which may soon bore you. That’s why YOWhatsApp has cared for your concern by providing thousands of new themes you can apply and customize daily.

  1. Keep Your Messages Un-Deleted

Where WhatsApp offers many unique features, there might be something that can irritate you. One of them is deleting messages for everyone. This hurts you most when you haven’t read the message, but the other person deleted it. This may lead you towards stress; that’s why to keep you away from such stress, YO WhatsApp offers you to save messages even if they are deleted from the other side.

  1. Hide Blue Ticks, Last Seen, and Online

YOWhatsApp has another fantastic feature for you. Some people are more conscious about their security and privacy, so they prefer to keep their blue ticks, last seen, and online status secret. That’s why this App is providing you with all these features in one App to keep your life private.

  1. Interesting Launcher Icons

Where you have a choice of customizing and changing the colours of your whole WhatsApp, you may also want to change the outlook of the launcher icon. This is possible using YOWhatsApp, where you can find many options for launcher icon style and colours. Moreover, you can also change the display and colour of the notification bar. By doing so, you may have a new WhatsApp every day.

  1. Personalize your Chat and Home Screen

The home screen is the first page, where you handle everything, which is visible to others. Whereas the chat screen is personal that you choose to keep a secret. And everyone wants that these screens may look beautiful. And you can make it attractive as per your needs if you are a YOWhatsApp user. Because here you will have endless options like

  • Change the colour of icons and names
  • Alternate chat bubbles and styles 
  • Modify date and time colours
  • Change the setting of the message bar.

        This means your WhatsApp facilitates you with every type of feature and customization you want to adopt.

Download Yo WhatsApp APK Latest October 2023

Latest Version2023
Updated1 Day Ago
Size59.8 MB

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Be careful of the bugs

Due to the massive success of YO WhatsApp, some fake developers established a trap in the form of this WhatsApp. Both applications have remarkable resemblance. But the fake YOWhastapp is the only malware that contains the virus. This may also lead to your data leakage. So before downloading, remember that only some websites offer an actual application. But you can get a secure download from our website.

Essential Features
1. New updates enabled
2. Directly message a number
3. Many options for group customization
4. Increased space for files and media sharing
5. Set separate wallpaper for every chat
6. Online dot and toast
7. Many stickers and emojis
8. Multiple Accounts Enabled

To Be Concluded

From the above article, YOWhatsApp has many advanced and exciting features that the original version lacks. These features have attracted many users, which is why despite its ban from the play store and, to some extent, there is privacy risk, people have not left using this App. You can also get this App but be careful about the safety and bugs.